Top 7 Reasons Why Calorie Counting Is Bogus

Sandra Keros

In recent decades, the idea of sustenance and nourishment has become a numbers game. No doubt there is a certain logic and reputable science to back up measuring food via calories, fat grams, vitamins, etc.

Problem is, with all this counting hardly anybody ends up the winner. Most of us end up in the land of confusion, thinking we're so smart with info overload and starving for a practical way about how to be healthy.

In my own journeys (yes, plural) back to wellness, I have had to finally unravel the counting mindset once and for all. After all, humans and animals are wired to go toward pleasure and away from pain and counting is a lot of maintenance.

One of the results of not obsessing over calories is that I feel a lot more relaxed about what I eat, even if it's not from the farmers' market and occasionally comes in a wrapper.

~ Here are the Top 7 Reasons Why Calorie Counting Is Bogus ~

7. Calorie counting is not sustainable. For how long should you count calories, fat grams, etc.? For the rest of your life? When does it stop?

6. Calorie counting can make you obsessive, even paranoid about eating. You are not being truly present about food. More often than not, you are being judgmental about what's on your own and your neighbors' plate.

5. Calories do not equal hunger satisfaction. You can eat a mound of food and be hungry an hour later or sometimes eat less and be more satisfied.

4. Focus on calorie count usually obscures food quality. When you are counting calories on the side of a box, how often are you looking at the list of ingredients? How much do you know about how ingredients are processed and procured and what effect it has on your body?

3. Once you stop counting calories and reach a weight goal, then what do you do? How do you eat thereafter for maintenance?

2. Um, my grandma never did it and she lived happily until age 90.

1. You can still gain weight and feel sick while counting calories.

~ Good News ~
There are times during the day when you can eat almost without any regard to quantity (i.e., calorie intake). Curious about how? Check out my blog tomorrow to understand how and why.

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