The Impossible That Became Possible: 9/11 Remembrance

Sandra Keros

Most everybody has a story about 9/11 and I want to honor all of you whose lives were permanently affected today 14 years ago.

Only two months before the attacks, I lived in Tribeca just blocks away from the WTC; I looked up at those tall, bold buildings - which can never be replicated in grandeur and beauty - every morning on my way to work. 

When I turned on the TV in San Francisco that fateful morning, I'd wished I could've been there to help those down in the smoking rubble. Instead, I watched on like most people in our country, transfixed by the impossible that had become possible. 

Thank you to the many, who through acts of courage and bravery, lifted the damage, debris and spirits of people during that time. Your heroism will be in our hearts and spoken of for many years to come. 

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