Gluten & Putin: Know Your Facts!

Sandra Keros

What was once an esoteric health condition has since become a diet fad hitting the late-night comedic circuit. Recently, Jimmy Kimmel did a hilarious skit on people who go gluten free without really even knowing what gluten is. Do you?

Source: FoodMattersTV

In case you're scratching your head, gluten is the protein in grains that makes dough stretchy and cooked spaghetti stick to the bottom of your sink, otherwise known as the gliadin protein. Your gut may reject it because of how it's processed, structural alterations due to genetic modification, if there's lack of variety in your diet (i.e., you eat it all day long), lack of diversity in the wheat varietal (thank you, agribusiness monoculture) and other reasons scientists are still discovering.

For others, including myself, going gluten-free can be a game-changer. Check out this story in The Huffington Post.

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