From Tedious Lawn to Lush Garden

Sandra Keros

By design, nature intended us to build thriving communities around growing fresh, quality food. Just look at what one family did below. Wouldn't you want to be their neighbors?

If you’ve ever grown your own food like I have, you realize pretty quickly – sometimes even with only one plant – what a "bumper crop" means: you have to start giving food away. And what cooler gift to receive than homegrown produce?

The benefits of growing and sharing food brings people together in a way that requires little explanation. When I think about it, if my ancestors hadn't cultivated their own sources of food and bonded with their communities, where would my family be? Would I even be here? It's over food that we feel that connection with others, our world, even ourselves. We enrich our lives, our earth, our sense of community and give life to generations to come.

I'm inspired by this family who started with simple boxes to transform their front yard into a masterpiece of beauty, creativity, ingenuity and deliciousness. Heck, I'm hoping they'll see this post and invite me for dinner! Feast your eyes on their pictures and comment below with your stories. 

If your a city dweller, like I am now once again, what are some of the cool gardens you've seen or been a part of?

Do you live in New York City and want to dig your hands into the earth? Check out volunteer gigs at New York Cares -

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