Bite the Big Apple

Sandra Keros

One year ago

I packed up my belongings 

inside my NYC apartment

with not even the slightest whiff of a plan

for the complete unknown.

I was scared as hell

Shaken down to the bone.

Dreams shattered, 

It’s like Mick Jagger said…

“Don’t mind the maggots”

Every step after that that 

Seemed farther from safety

Too many bloody knuckle stories to name…

Eventually I came to find that 

Your life is bigger than any one moment.

And that despite what anybody 

Says or sees as failure

Especially that pesky little voice inside your head -

Something bigger than you is 

Guiding you perfectly 

Down your path 

Back to yourself.

I learned that if things are too too hard

Then they probably are.

So lay off.

Go a different route.

Don’t just stay the course to prove anything to anybody

Just because you don’t want to be seen as a “quitter”

Life is showing you the way.

Pay attention to your intuition.

Don’t question your self worth

Or your ability to judge. 

When it’s time to move on

You will feel it.

Just like when you’ve found a place to stay

You will know it.

Even if you might not stay forever. 

Follow your gut.

We’re all here to live and learn.

Trust yourself.

You can’t make any mistakes.

And if you find yourself living with maggots

Get the hell out!

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